About me

Hi, I’m Alice Buda, from Imola, Italy. Officially, I’m a Communication Specialist, but actually, I feel more a baker, a home baker, an artisan baker, a sourdough baker! I could spend all the day with the hands into the dough, or smelling my lavains, or staring to the oven while loaves are rising. And the joy I feel when people look at my bread and eat it with eager, it’s priceless!

I use only hight quality ingredients, and I love trying different flours and seeds any time I can.
It’s only one year or so, that I’m into this world of “White Art”, and I’ve still a lot to learn. But, said frankly, it’s amazing getting surprised each time I bake a new batch of bread!

If you want, you can contact me by email, or following me on Instagram and Facebook.

Please, don’t esitate to give me your feedback or ask me questions. I love to share ideas and experiences!

Have a good baking day!