Sourdough Hokkaido Milk Loaf Sourdough Hokkaido Milk Loaf

Sourdough Hokkaido Milk Loaf

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When I lived in Japan, Hokkaido Milk Loaf was one of my favorite breads! I loved to eat it in the morning, for breakfast, with some fruit jam and a cup of coffee. It was great!
So, why don’t try to bake it by myself? Here the first recipe I tried (it’s not mine, but I made some change to fit it better to the original one), 100% sourdough. And the result is absolutely satisfying! I love it! It’s soft, aromatic, delicate, sweet… and it get me back to Tokyo, into that wonderful period of my life! <3

Main Dough Ingredients

550 g flour (W200/240)
110 g young levain
90 g caster sugar (10 g if you want neutral flavor)
90 g whole milk
70 g unsulted butter
55 g egg (1 egg)
10 g milk powder
5 g salt

Milk Roux Ingredients

115 gr whole milk
115 gr water
55 gr flour (W200/240)

Mix egg and sugar. Then add Milk Roux. Mix.
Then add levain, flour, milk powder, milk.
Then salt. Then butter.
Get windowpane or something similar.

Make a long bulk fermentation (overnight into the frige).
Then cut, shape in little rolls, and put them into a pan.
Wait until it’s doubled (at 28°C if you can).

Bake for about 40 minutes at 180°C.


Pane di Hokkaido con lievito madre

Pane di Hokkaido con licoli

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