Pan Brioche con pasta madre e crema di nocciole Pan Brioche con pasta madre e crema di nocciole

Sourdough Pan Brioche with Nut Cream Roses

Posted by on Jan 17, 2017 in Pan Brioche

This is the receipt where everything is started from. It was an autumn afternoon, and I felt lonely and bored in my new house and in my new city, after my recent moving. Surfing online, I bumped into a picture of a beautiful Pan brioche, and I wanted to try. Playing with flour and shaping the dough as I wanted, made me feel a fire inside, like when I was used to draw everyday. An amazing emotion. The great result made me do not stop anymore.

Today, for me, flour, water and oven are what paper and pencil were in the past: a way to tell a story, a way to give. The receipt of Sourdough Pan Brioche with Nut Cream Roses here below is the same of last autumn, but it’s 100% sourdough instead with compressed yeast.



500 g – 100% flour 00
145 g – 29% active levain
135 g – 27% whole fat milk
135 g – 27% eggs (2 big)
80 g – 16% canned sugar
70 g – 14% butter
Nut cream for filling
Milk for painting
Powdered sugar for decorating


Warm milk up and melt sourdough into it.

Into the bowl pour flour, eggs, sugar, butter and milk with sourdough. Knead well until you get a smooth and homogeneous dough. It has to stay grabbed on your hand or on the hook of the stand mixer.

Lay the dough on the bench and finish to knead. Shape a smooth and homogenous ball. Put it into a bowl, cover with a plastic wrap, and let it rest at 27°C for 2,5 hours or until it is doubled.

Once the dough is rose, divide it into two pieces. Using the rolling pin, make two phyllo doughs, large about 30 cm diameter each one. Spread the nut cream on the surface of the first phyllo dough, and cover it with the second phyllo dough. Pay attention to make edges fit!\r\n\r\nUsing a pastry cutter, cut plumb the phyllo sough, until you get 16 slides.

Roll up each slide (they look like triangles) beginning from the base towards the tip. You’ll get brioches!

Brush the cake pan with some butter or line it with parchment paper . Lay down the first brioches along the perimeter of the cake pan, and the other brioches standing in the center. Pay attention to leave 1-2 cm of distance from each other. The dough will keep rising.

Cover the cake pan with a cotton wrap and let it rest at 27°C for about 1,5 hours.\r\n\r\nBrush the brioches with some milk, and bake at 180°C, with steam, at 35 minutes.

Take out your Sourdough Pan Brioche with nut cream roses, let it cool, and dust with some powder sugar before serving.

Enjoy it 🙂

Sourdough Pan brioche with nut cream roses

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  1. Gyrit

    26 June 2018

    It looks very delicious….you are really a bread-artist


    1. Many thanks Gyrit 🙂