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What is bread if not the encounter between earth, water, air, fire and the hands of man?

Alice Buda

All about sourdough starter and bread making

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Pagnotta Plan
Panettone Plan
Calvel method, pasta madre at rest
Sourdough starter

Pasta madre at rest, Calvel Method and variants

I don't think I'm wrong in saying that in most artisan workshops and home kitchens, the pasta madre it is maintained and refreshed regularly only on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. Considered too demanding

Almond glaze
Glazes, creams and pastes

Almond glaze, for panettone and colomba

Glaze for Panettone The Milan Panettone, the original and most traditional of all, is born without glaze. Its pride is precisely that of knowing how to give intensity of flavor through its sole consistency, made

My showcase - useful tools for making bread
Bakery techniques
Balance of sourdough starter, management methods
Sourdough starter

Balancing the sourdough starter, how to correct the sourdough starter (fourth part)

The tools we have at our disposal to balance and correct the sourdough starter are innumerable. Apparently they seem like a couple, in truth they are much more. Especially if we consider the number of combinations we can create using them all together. In fact, if you think about it, every tool we have available during refreshments is a variable of

Mother yeast bath
Sourdough starter

Mother yeast bath, is it really useful? the deepening

When to bathe with sourdough starter? Do you really need it? When is it best to avoid it? These are questions that I often hear. And although I have already talked about it in a specific article and on several occasions in other pages, I believe it is necessary to pick up the subject, deepen it and in some cases update it. As you know the

Mother yeast in water, Morandin method
Sourdough starter

Mother yeast in water, Morandin management method

There are many methods of managing sourdough starter. And each method also boasts specific variations and customizations, which can make a lot of difference in the type of sourdough starter that will be obtained. The Morandin management method is one of them. Its main feature lies in keeping the sourdough starter in the whole water